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Minimally Invasive Surgery - Laparoscopy

Obstetrical and Gynecologic Associates, OGA, founded The Woman’s Hospital of Texas 35 years ago. Since that time, the doctors of OGA have been pioneers in minimally invasive surgery. OGA doctors were not only early adaptors to this evolving technology, but quite often they were the developers and instructors to other doctors for new procedures. OGA and The Woman’s Hospital of Texas carry the honor of “firsts” for many of the laparoscopic technologies and procedures performed in Texas. Our doctors have authored many chapters in gynecology text books and published extensively in medical journals describing these techniques. Today we have a specialty field devoted solely to the prolapse of the pelvic organs and incontinence using minimally invasive surgical approaches. At OGA, we have fellowship trained specialist in this area, www.texaspelvichealth.com. Dr. Cone performed the first Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexcy with the Devinci Robot in Texas 10 years ago.

Dr. Cone is also a leader in the development of an alternative to hysterectomy called Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy. While once being one of the early pioneers performing this procedure 10 years ago, this has grown to become a common alternative to hysterectomy chosen by many women because of it’s lower complication rate, rapid recovery and ability to perform it as an outpatient. Please see Dr. Cone’s video on Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy if you are interested in learning more about this procedure.

Whether it is laparoscopy for endometriosis, laparoscopic hysterectomy, Novassure, Essure, bilateral tubal ligation, dermoid cystectomy, endometrioma cystectomy or simple diagnostic laparoscopy, you are in good hands with the expertise and experience of Dr. Cone.

Please call our office if you have questions about Dr. Cone’s or the other doctors at OGA’s experience with a surgical procedure of interest to you. We have included several videos of the more common surgical procedures performed on this website.

Laparoscopy also called minimally invasive surgery or key hole surgery is commonly performed gynecology procedure to diagnose and treat some abdominal and pelvic conditions.

Laparoscopy is direct visualization of the abdominal cavity, ovaries, outside of the tubes and uterus by using a laparoscope. The laparoscope is a long thin instrument with a light source at its tip, to light up the inside of the abdomen or pelvis. Fiberoptic fibers carry images from a lens, at the tip of the laparoscope, to a video monitor, which the surgeon and other theatre staff can view in real time.

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Operative setting for laparoscopy

Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery Houston Texas


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